Wayman Crow


Wayman Crow Residential College:


WaymanCrowResidentialCollege(consisting of Dardick and Nemerov Houses) is a strong and vibrant residential community. Dardick houses approximately 175 first-year students and is home to seven RAs and an RCD. Dardick 1 is a smaller floor that houses students who prefer a substance-free community. Nemerov houses about 150 upperclass students in suite-style rooms. Nemerov has three RAs and is also home to a live-in Faculty Fellow. The Wayman Crow staff is committed to the promotion and support of academic success, and strives to integrate learning with co-curricular experiences. Wayman Crow offers in-house support services for students, including Residential Peer Mentors (RPMs) in calculus, chemistry, physics and writing and Residential Peer Health Educators (RPHEs). Also, in addition to a live-in Faculty Fellow, Wayman Crow is fortunate to have four Faculty Associates who collaborate with the Dardick RAs to develop meaningful programs for Dardick residents. As a relatively new residential area (est. 2004), Wayman Crow is still in the process of creating traditions to promote Res College pride. Some traditions that have been established in recent years include Crow Cakes (a monthly pancake study break), Waymazing Race, Career Series, Bar-B-Crow, Wayman Crow Week, and Wayman Crow Spirit Days.


Did you live in Dardick (Forsyth House) or Nemerov?  Click here to view the Wayman Crow website.