On-campus Apartments

On Campus Apartments:

The on-campus apartments consist of two apartment complexes, Millbrook Apartments and Village East. The total number of residents is around four hundred upperclass students. The on-campus apartment staff is made up of six RAs, two in Village East and one in each Millbrook building. The Millbrook Apartments consist of 4 buildings with a variety of bedroom options (single and double rooms). These include private bathrooms and fully furnished apartments with full kitchen amenities (refrigerator, oven/stove, etc.).

As the newest apartment building, Village East opened in the Fall of 2008. This exciting new option provides additional apartment-style housing on campus for upper-class students. Village East consists mostly of four person, single room apartments. Similar to the Millbrook Apartments, Village East residents enjoy fully furnished apartments with full kitchen amenities.

There are a number of traditions in the on-campus apartments, including the First Friday Barbecue and Pool Party. As a Resident Advisor in Millbrook and/or Village East, you will have the opportunity to get involved in the establishment of new traditions in the on-campus apartments for upper-class students living on campus!

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