Off-campus Apartments

Off Campus Apartments:

Off-Campus Apartments are made up of five different complexes, Greenway, Loop Lofts, Rosedale,University Drive, and Waterman Court. The staff is comprised of 10 RAs, with 3 in Greenway, 2 in Loop Lofts, Rosedale, and University Drive and 1 in Waterman Court. The staff in each complex works as a team to create interactive social and educational programs. They focus on helping residents connect to the community and prepare for life after college.

Each complex kicks off the year with a welcome gathering, wither it be a BBQ or a Pancake Picnic. As a team, RAs in each complex plan 1 community service project as semester for their residents, they conduct individual apartment visits, and have monthly programming.

The residents in the off-campus apartments are all upper-classmen with the majority being Juniors and Seniors. Each complex offers different apartment styles from singles to four bedroom units. RAs can live in a single, if the complex offers singles, or share their apartment with roommates.

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