Shanedling, Dauten, and Rutledge (JKL):

The facilities in JKL offer residents many great programming opportunities. The dance studio, dark room, and piano room in Rutledge provide spaces for students to practice and/or explore artistic expression. The big screen TV lounge in Shanedling and the lounge with large kitchen in Dauten, promote living a balanced life. JKL Plaza, the site of many college traditions, joins the three buildings and provides a great space for outdoor programming and barbeques. Along with the JKL College Council, RAs maintain JKL traditions which include JKL Week with the Alphabet Bowl, Urban Future, study breaks, JKL BBQs, midnight breakfast, and movies in the plaza. JKL RAs have the unique experience of sharing a suite with their Co-RA and being jointly responsible for an entire building (approximately 90 residents, most of which are sophomores). In order to create an environment that develops community and promotes academic success, JKL RAs frequently program for the entire residential college.  Finally, two Community Service Mentors (CSMs) add to the college staff and provide a variety of service opportunities to the residents of JKL.


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