Hitzeman, Hurd, Meyers, and Eliot (HIG-E):


The Hitzeman, Hurd, Myers, and Eliot Residential College - known as HIG-E - houses approximately 400 residents in a mix of traditional and new residence halls. Hitzeman, Hurd, and Myers are traditional suite style buildings housing primarily sophomores. Thomas Eliot House is a new suite style building that fluctuates between housing freshman and upperclass students from year to year. There are 13 RAs on the HIG-E staff, and they all work together to create a cohesive residential community out of two very different living set-ups. HIG-E is also home to the Doorways Program, a community service partnership that began in 2006, in which HIG-E residents volunteer their time and talents to assist St. Louiscommunity members who are living with HIV and AIDS.


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