WU Friends of Residential Life

Dear Friends of Residential Life,

We are excited to welcome you all to this new web site that focuses on many of the terrific initiatives and programs taking place both on the South 40 and on the North Side of campus!  The purpose of this site is to provide you with information and updates about the residential life community at Washington University.  We hope that the site will be a place where you can learn about the new building projects and the innovative residential college programs as well as a place for you to reconnect with others in the residential life family.  

We designed the site to be interactive and engaging and hope that you will share your residential life memories through stories and photos.  In addition, we look forward to hearing about your own updates and have created a directory for you to reconnect with one another.  Even though we have added several new buildings and programs that may seem unfamiliar, we strongly believe that the community of the South 40 will be as familiar as ever.  Since we stand on your shoulders, you can be assured that this place you called home for many years is still focused on a respectful, lively, and enthusiastic community committed to students' personal and professional success.  And yes, we still leave places cleaner than we found them!


Jill Stratton & Justin Carroll